Clinical Research Group in Emergency Radiology and Oncologic-Abdominal Radiology

Anselm SchulzGroup leader
Anselm Schulz
Group leader

Emergency Radiology plays an important role in diagnosis and follow-up of patients with acute onset diseases. Rapid and accurate image acquisition and interpretation are important prerequisits for correct and effective treatment. New imaging methods in this field are developed and evaluated in our group. Our group is also active in evaluating new diagnostic tools in patients with abdominal and oncologic diseases, where imaging of the upper and lower intestinal tract and of liver metastasis play a major role. The group develops new imaging protocols and workflows in the emergency setting in different radiological modalities (CT, ultrasound) to facilitate accurate diagnosis and treatment. We evaluate new protocols in trauma patients to reduce ionizing radiation and to fasten the radiological workflow. Other research fields are surveillance with contrast-enhanced imaging of cancer patients at high risk of liver metastasis. Different modalities for detection of liver metastasis are compared. Post-processing imaging tools like CT texture imaging analysis for differentiating malign from benign tissue and for predicting disease progression are ather topics. MRI studies include the development of new protocols for acurate staging of early rectal cancer and anal cancer.


Research projects

  • CT triple injection protocol for trauma patients. Evaluation of image quality and detection of traumatic lesions.
  • Arterial versus portovenous imaging in pelvic trauma CT.
  • Evaluation of different imaging modalitites for staging and characterization of liver metastasis with CT and MRI.
  • Post processing CT texture analysis to identify patients with colorectal cancer at high risk for recurrence of liver metastasis
  • New MRI method for staging of early rectal cancer
  • The role of MRI in patients with early and advanced anal cancer
  • Contrast-enhanced ultrasound in patients with ocular malign melanoma. Any benefit?
  • Comparing MRI with 3 D Ultrasound in patients with adenomyosis

Contact information:
Anselm Schulz, MD, PhD, Section for Oncologic and Abdominal Imaging, Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Oslo University Hospital, PO Box 4950 Nydalen, NO-0424 Oslo, Norway
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