Clinical research



Longitudinal studies of Parkinson's disease

To enable a range of studies of clinical symptoms, genetic risk factors, biomarkers and imaging findings, and the relationship between these areas of study, we havde develope a prospective patient registry. This registry and its connected biobank include comprehensive clinical data and biological samples.

We invite patients with Parkinson’s disease and related disorders to a comprehensive clinical examination. The patients undergo a standard clinical neurological examination, including specific examinations aimed at investigating symptoms frequently present in PD. Motor symptoms, activities of daily living and motor complications are scored using the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS). We also examine non-motor symptoms, including sleep symptoms, autonomic dysfunction, depression, anxiety and health-related quality of life using validated assessment tools. Finally, cognitive functions are examined using selected neuropsychological tests. Results are recorded in a study database. We obtain blood samples and other biological materials.

We also invite healthy volunteers to be included in this study. They will undergo a brief clinical examination, neuropsychological tests and blood samples are taken. More information is found in this document.

Responsible for clinical examinations: Mathias Toft (Professor and senior consultant), Lasse Pihlstrøm (Postdoc and resident physician), Maren Stolp Andersen (PhD candidate and phyician).



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