Technical instructions:

Design of primers for genotyping of single nucleotide variants (SNVs):
• If the SNV is registered with a dbSNP ID (rs-number) just send us the dbSNP ID.
• If the SNV is unregistered, send a text-file with the reference variant marked in bold, and alternative variant in brackets, including genomic sequence 400 bp up- and down-stream of the variant.

DNA may be delivered as:
o Dry pellets in 384 plates [1-20 ng/μl]
o DNA in 384 plates; 2-10 μl volume [total DNA amount 1-20 ng/μl]
o DNA in 96 plates; 5-10 μl volume [20 ng/μl]
o Preferably in approximately equal concentrations across the plates

We may also do automated DNA extraction from blood for an additional cost. Please contact us for more details.

Location and contact details:

We are located in Domus Medica 4, a new research building attached to Oslo University Hospital at Gaustad (Rikshospitalet).
Samples can be delivered directly or shipped on ice if samples are not in dry pellets.
Map and directions: here.

Delivery address:
Oslo Universitetssykehus HF,
Forskningsenhet for Nevrofag
Domus Medica 4, plan 2, rom L-264
Gaustadalleen 34
0372 Oslo, Norge

Contact person: Mathias Toft


Tel: 23079023

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