Trond Velde Bogsrud


    Publications 2023

    Bogsrud T, Jacobsen M, Durski J, Larsen E, Engelsen O, Haskjold OI, Castillejo M, Bach-Gansmo T, Nostrand DV (2023)
    Letter to the Editor: Repeat Redifferentiation of Radioiodine Refractory BRAFV600E Mutated Thyroid Cancer with Dabrafenib
    Thyroid, 33 (6), 771-773
    DOI 10.1089/thy.2022.0651, PubMed 37212326

    Publications 2022

    Bach-Gansmo T, Korsan K, Bogsrud TV (2022)
    Effect of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on the Results of PET/CT with 18F-Fluciclovine in Patients with Metastatic Prostate Cancer
    Tomography, 8 (3), 1477-1484
    DOI 10.3390/tomography8030120, PubMed 35736868

    Husby T, Johansen H, Bogsrud T, Hustad KV, Evensen BV, Boellard R, Giskeødegård GF, Fagerli UM, Eikenes L (2022)
    A comparison of FDG PET/MR and PET/CT for staging, response assessment, and prognostic imaging biomarkers in lymphoma
    Ann Hematol, 101 (5), 1077-1088
    DOI 10.1007/s00277-022-04789-9, PubMed 35174405

    Husby T, Johansen H, Bogsrud TV, Hustad KV, Evensen BV, Boellaard R, Giskeødegård GF, Fagerli UM, Eikenes L (2022)
    Prognostic value of combined MTV and ADC derived from baseline FDG PET/MRI in aggressive non-Hodgkins lymphoma
    BMC Cancer, 22 (1), 1117
    DOI 10.1186/s12885-022-10194-2, PubMed 36319985

    Lindemann M, Oteiza A, Martin-Armas M, Guttormsen Y, Moldes-Anaya A, Berzaghi R, Bogsrud TV, Bach-Gansmo T, Sundset R, Kranz M (2022)
    Glioblastoma PET/MRI: kinetic investigation of [18F]rhPSMA-7.3, [18F]FET and [18F]fluciclovine in an orthotopic mouse model of cancer
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, 50 (4), 1183-1194
    DOI 10.1007/s00259-022-06040-z, PubMed 36416908

    Øen SK, Johannessen K, Pedersen LK, Berntsen EM, Totland JA, Johansen H, Bogsrud TV, Solheim TS, Karlberg A, Eikenes L (2022)
    Diagnostic Value of 18 F-FACBC PET/MRI in Brain Metastases
    Clin Nucl Med, 47 (12), 1030-1039
    DOI 10.1097/RLU.0000000000004435, PubMed 36241129

    Publications 2021

    Durski JM, Hruska CB, Bogsrud TV, Ryder M, Johnson GB (2021)
    123I Scan With Whole-Body Retention Measurement at 48 Hours for Simplified Dosimetry Before 131I Treatment of Metastatic Thyroid Cancer
    Clin Nucl Med, 46 (3), e151-e153
    DOI 10.1097/RLU.0000000000003464, PubMed 33351514

    Publications 2019

    Bogsrud TV, Londalen A, Brandal P, Leske H, Panagopoulos I, Borghammer P, Bach-Gansmo T (2019)
    18F-Fluciclovine PET/CT in Suspected Residual or Recurrent High-Grade Glioma
    Clin Nucl Med, 44 (8), 605-611
    DOI 10.1097/RLU.0000000000002641, PubMed 31274605

    Gormsen LC, Vendelbo MH, Pedersen MA, Haraldsen A, Hjorthaug K, Bogsrud TV, Petersen LJ, Jensen KJ, Brøndum R, El-Galaly TC (2019)
    A comparative study of standardized quantitative and visual assessment for predicting tumor volume and outcome in newly diagnosed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma staged with 18F-FDG PET/CT
    EJNMMI Res, 9 (1), 36
    DOI 10.1186/s13550-019-0503-z, PubMed 31054023

    Moan JM, Amdal CD, Malinen E, Svestad JG, Bogsrud TV, Dale E (2019)
    The prognostic role of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose PET in head and neck cancer depends on HPV status
    Radiother Oncol, 140, 54-61
    DOI 10.1016/j.radonc.2019.05.019, PubMed 31177043

    Nanni C, Zanoni L, Bach-Gansmo T, Minn H, Willoch F, Bogsrud TV, Edward EP, Savir-Baruch B, Teoh E, Ingram F, Fanti S, Schuster DM (2019)
    [18F]Fluciclovine PET/CT: joint EANM and SNMMI procedure guideline for prostate cancer imaging-version 1.0
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, 47 (3), 579-591
    DOI 10.1007/s00259-019-04614-y, PubMed 31822959

    Publications 2018

    Eide HA, Knudtsen IS, Sandhu V, Løndalen AM, Halvorsen AR, Abravan A, Kure EH, Bogsrud TV, Brustugun OT, Kyte JA, Malinen E, Helland Å (2018)
    Serum cytokine profiles and metabolic tumor burden in patients with non-small cell lung cancer undergoing palliative thoracic radiation therapy
    Adv Radiat Oncol, 3 (2), 130-138
    DOI 10.1016/j.adro.2017.12.007, PubMed 29904737

    Nielsen BD, Hansen IT, Kramer S, Haraldsen A, Hjorthaug K, Bogsrud TV, Ejlersen JA, Stolle LB, Keller KK, Therkildsen P, Hauge EM, Gormsen LC (2018)
    Simple dichotomous assessment of cranial artery inflammation by conventional 18F-FDG PET/CT shows high accuracy for the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis: a case-control study
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, 46 (1), 184-193
    DOI 10.1007/s00259-018-4106-0, PubMed 30066157

    Skjøtskift T, Evensen ME, Furre T, Moan JM, Amdal CD, Bogsrud TV, Malinen E, Dale E (2018)
    Dose painting for re-irradiation of head and neck cancer
    Acta Oncol, 57 (12), 1693-1699
    DOI 10.1080/0284186X.2018.1512753, PubMed 30280623

    Publications 2017

    Mikalsen LTG, Arnesen MR, Bogsrud TV, Dale E, Stokke C (2017)
    Combining radioiodine and external beam radiation therapy: the potential of integrated treatment planning for differentiated thyroid cancer
    Acta Oncol, 56 (6), 894-897
    DOI 10.1080/0284186X.2017.1286384, PubMed 28464741

    Munk OL, Tolbod LP, Hansen SB, Bogsrud TV (2017)
    Point-spread function reconstructed PET images of sub-centimeter lesions are not quantitative
    EJNMMI Phys, 4 (1), 5
    DOI 10.1186/s40658-016-0169-9, PubMed 28091957

    Publications 2016

    Dale E, Moan JM, Osnes TA, Bogsrud TV (2016)
    Cervical lymph node metastases of squamous cell carcinoma of unknown origin: the diagnostic value of FDG PET/CT and clinical outcome
    Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol, 274 (2), 1015-1019
    DOI 10.1007/s00405-016-4318-5, PubMed 27671150

    Horsager J, Bak-Fredslund K, Larsen LP, Villadsen GE, Bogsrud TV, Sørensen M (2016)
    Optimal 2-[(18)F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-galactose PET/CT protocol for detection of hepatocellular carcinoma
    EJNMMI Res, 6 (1), 56
    DOI 10.1186/s13550-016-0206-7, PubMed 27341819

    Munthe E, Riss PJ, Saga TA, Haraldsen I, Grad I, Bogsrud TV, Bach-Gansmo T (2016)
    FDG-based quantitative comparison of glucose metabolism in vitro, exemplified by a head-to-head comparison between a triple-negative breast cancer cell line and a non-malignant foetal cell line
    Clin Physiol Funct Imaging, 38 (1), 34-37
    DOI 10.1111/cpf.12378, PubMed 27297457

    Prigent A, Hustinx R, Costa DC, Education and Syllabus Committee, Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes/European Union of Medical Specialists, Section of Nuclear Medicine/ European Board of Nuclear Medicine (UEMS/EBNM), Executive Committee, Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes/European Union of Medical Specialists, Section of Nuclear Medicine/ European Board of Nuclear Medicine (UEMS/EBNM), Brunotte F, Sayman H, Huic D, Bajc M, Maffioli LS, Bogsrud T (2016)
    Nuclear medicine training in the European Union: 2015 update
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, 43 (3), 583-96
    DOI 10.1007/s00259-015-3244-x, PubMed 26585713

    Publications 2015

    Schulz A, Godt JC, Dormagen JB, Holtedahl JE, Bogsrud TV, Labori KJ, Kløw NE, Bach-Gansmo T (2015)
    Respiratory gated PET/CT of the liver: A novel method and its impact on the detection of colorectal liver metastases
    Eur J Radiol, 84 (8), 1424-1431
    DOI 10.1016/j.ejrad.2015.05.011, PubMed 26044293

    Publications 2014

    Hagtvedt T, Seierstad T, Lund KV, Løndalen AM, Bogsrud TV, Smith HJ, Geier OM, Holte H, Aaløkken TM (2014)
    Diffusion-weighted MRI compared to FDG PET/CT for assessment of early treatment response in lymphoma
    Acta Radiol, 56 (2), 152-8
    DOI 10.1177/0284185114526087, PubMed 24585944

    Karantanis D, Kalkanis D, Allen-Auerbach MS, Herrmann K, Pomykala KL, Bogsrud TV, Lowe VJ, Czernin J (2014)
    Oncologic PET/CT interpretation and reporting approaches. Survey in clinical practice
    Nuklearmedizin, 53 (2), 19-25
    DOI 10.3413/Nukmed-0613-13-07, PubMed 24473996

    Karantanis D, Kalkanis D, Czernin J, Herrmann K, Pomykala KL, Bogsrud TV, Subramaniam RM, Lowe VJ, Allen-Auerbach MS (2014)
    Perceived misinterpretation rates in oncologic 18F-FDG PET/CT studies: a survey of referring physicians
    J Nucl Med, 55 (12), 1925-9
    DOI 10.2967/jnumed.114.145607, PubMed 25453041

    Kolstad A, Kumari S, Walczak M, Madsbu U, Hagtvedt T, Bogsrud TV, Kvalheim G, Holte H, Aurlien E, Delabie J, Tierens A, Olweus J (2014)
    Sequential intranodal immunotherapy induces antitumor immunity and correlated regression of disseminated follicular lymphoma
    Blood, 125 (1), 82-9
    DOI 10.1182/blood-2014-07-592162, PubMed 25293773

    Kolstad A, Laurell A, Jerkeman M, Grønbæk K, Elonen E, Räty R, Pedersen LB, Loft A, Bogsrud TV, Kimby E, Hansen PB, Fagerli UM, Nilsson-Ehle H, Lauritzsen GF, Lehmann AK, Sundstrom C, Karjalainen-Lindsberg ML, Ralfkiaer E, Ehinger M, Delabie J, Bentzen H, Schildt J, Kostova-Aherdan K, Frederiksen H, Brown Pde N et al. (2014)
    Nordic MCL3 study: 90Y-ibritumomab-tiuxetan added to BEAM/C in non-CR patients before transplant in mantle cell lymphoma
    Blood, 123 (19), 2953-9
    DOI 10.1182/blood-2013-12-541953, PubMed 24652994

    Nome R, Hernes E, Bogsrud TV, Bjøro T, Fosså SD (2014)
    Changes in prostate-specific antigen, markers of bone metabolism and bone scans after treatment with radium-223
    Scand J Urol, 49 (3), 211-7
    DOI 10.3109/21681805.2014.982169, PubMed 25515952

    Schuster DM, Nanni C, Fanti S, Oka S, Okudaira H, Inoue Y, Sörensen J, Owenius R, Choyke P, Turkbey B, Bogsrud TV, Bach-Gansmo T, Halkar RK, Nye JA, Odewole OA, Savir-Baruch B, Goodman MM (2014)
    Anti-1-amino-3-18F-fluorocyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid: physiologic uptake patterns, incidental findings, and variants that may simulate disease
    J Nucl Med, 55 (12), 1986-92
    DOI 10.2967/jnumed.114.143628, PubMed 25453047

    Publications 2013

    Johnsrud K, Skretting A, Naum AG, Bogsrud TV, Bach-Gansmo T (2013)
    Characterization of an asymmetric add-on collimator used with a hand-held gamma probe for radioguided surgery and sentinel node detection: a demonstration of an alternative collimation method
    Clin Physiol Funct Imaging, 33 (6), 478-82
    DOI 10.1111/cpf.12057, PubMed 23758686

    Skretting A, Revheim ME, Knudtsen IS, Johnsrud K, Bogsrud TV (2013)
    An implementation of time-efficient respiratory-gated PET acquisition by repeated breath-holds
    Acta Radiol, 54 (6), 672-5
    DOI 10.1177/0284185113478007, PubMed 23463858

    Publications 2012

    Karantanis D, Kalkanis D, Allen-Auerbach M, Bogsrud TV, Subramaniam RM, Danielson A, Lowe VJ, Czernin J (2012)
    Oncologic 18F-FDG PET/CT: referring physicians' point of view
    J Nucl Med, 53 (10), 1499-505
    DOI 10.2967/jnumed.111.102228, PubMed 22917886

    Morsing A, Bogsrud TV (2012)
    [Diagnostics and treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer using nuclear medicine]
    Ugeskr Laeger, 174 (26), 1813-6
    PubMed 22735115

    Skretting A, Evensen JF, Løndalen AM, Bogsrud TV, Glomset OK, Eilertsen K (2012)
    A gel tumour phantom for assessment of the accuracy of manual and automatic delineation of gross tumour volume from FDG-PET/CT
    Acta Oncol, 52 (3), 636-44
    DOI 10.3109/0284186X.2012.718095, PubMed 23075421

    Publications 2011

    Bach-Gansmo T, Bogsrud TV, Holmboe L, Pedersen EL, Müller C (2011)
    Extraosseous uptake with DPD (Teceos(®))
    Clin Physiol Funct Imaging, 31 (5), 358-62
    DOI 10.1111/j.1475-097X.2011.01024.x, PubMed 21771254

    Bogsrud TV (2011)
    Positron emission tomography with 2-deoxy-2-[¹⁸F]fluoro-D-glucose in patients with thyroid diseases
    In Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Unipub, Oslo, no. 1154, 1 b. (flere pag.)
    BIBSYS 11289562x, ISBN 978-82-8264-032-9

    Bogsrud TV, Hay ID, Karantanis D, Nathan MA, Mullan BP, Wiseman GA, Kasperbauer JL, Reading CC, Björo T, Lowe VJ (2011)
    Prognostic value of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma and circulating antithyroglobulin autoantibodies
    Nucl Med Commun, 32 (4), 245-51
    DOI 10.1097/MNM.0b013e328343a742, PubMed 21278616

    Publications 2010

    Skretting A, Glomset O, Bogsrud TV (2010)
    A phantom for investigation of tumour signal and noise in PET reconstruction with various smoothing filters: experiments and comparisons with simulated intensity diffusion
    Radiat Prot Dosimetry, 139 (1-3), 191-4
    DOI 10.1093/rpd/ncq051, PubMed 20176733

    Publications 2009

    Bach-Gansmo T, Bogsrud TV (2009)
    [Assessment of new medical technology]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 129 (7), 646
    DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.09.33526, PubMed 19337338

    Bogsrud TV, Karantanis D, Nathan MA, Mullan BP, Wiseman GA, Kasperbauer JL, Reading CC, Björo T, Hay ID, Lowe VJ (2009)
    The prognostic value of 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose positron emission tomography in patients with suspected residual or recurrent medullary thyroid carcinoma
    Mol Imaging Biol, 12 (5), 547-53
    DOI 10.1007/s11307-009-0276-2, PubMed 19949985

    Brandal P, Bjerkehagen B, Bruland OS, Skjeldal S, Bogsrud TV, Hall KS (2009)
    Synchronous and metachronous skeletal osteosarcomas: the Norwegian Radium Hospital experience
    Acta Oncol, 48 (8), 1165-72
    DOI 10.3109/02841860903032809, PubMed 19863225

    Publications 2008

    Bach-Gansmo T, Bogsrud TV, Skretting A (2008)
    Integrin scintimammography using a dedicated breast imaging, solid-state gamma-camera and (99m)Tc-labelled NC100692
    Clin Physiol Funct Imaging, 28 (4), 235-9
    DOI 10.1111/j.1475-097X.2008.00801.x, PubMed 18384623

    Bogsrud TV, Karantanis D, Nathan MA, Mullan BP, Wiseman GA, Kasperbauer JL, Reading CC, Hay ID, Lowe VJ (2008)
    18F-FDG PET in the management of patients with anaplastic thyroid carcinoma
    Thyroid, 18 (7), 713-9
    DOI 10.1089/thy.2007.0350, PubMed 18630999

    Publications 2007

    Bogsrud TV, Karantanis D, Nathan MA, Mullan BP, Wiseman GA, Collins DA, Kasperbauer JL, Strome SE, Reading CC, Hay ID, Lowe VJ (2007)
    The value of quantifying 18F-FDG uptake in thyroid nodules found incidentally on whole-body PET-CT
    Nucl Med Commun, 28 (5), 373-81
    DOI 10.1097/MNM.0b013e3280964eae, PubMed 17414887

    Karantanis D, Bogsrud TV, Wiseman GA, Mullan BP, Subramaniam RM, Nathan MA, Peller PJ, Bahn RS, Lowe VJ (2007)
    Clinical significance of diffusely increased 18F-FDG uptake in the thyroid gland
    J Nucl Med, 48 (6), 896-901
    DOI 10.2967/jnumed.106.039024, PubMed 17504869

    Sigstad E, Heilo A, Paus E, Holgersen K, Grøholt KK, Jørgensen LH, Bogsrud TV, Berner A, Bjøro T (2007)
    The usefulness of detecting thyroglobulin in fine-needle aspirates from patients with neck lesions using a sensitive thyroglobulin assay
    Diagn Cytopathol, 35 (12), 761-7
    DOI 10.1002/dc.20726, PubMed 18008339

    Publications 2006

    Bach-Gansmo T, Danielsson R, Saracco A, Wilczek B, Bogsrud TV, Fangberget A, Tangerud A, Tobin D (2006)
    Integrin receptor imaging of breast cancer: a proof-of-concept study to evaluate 99mTc-NC100692
    J Nucl Med, 47 (9), 1434-9
    PubMed 16954550

    Bogsrud TV, Karantanis D, Lowe VJ (2006)
    Normal uptake of F-18 FDG in the sublingual gland
    Clin Nucl Med, 31 (1), 50
    DOI 10.1097/01.rlu.0000191786.35378.47, PubMed 16374130

    Brennhovd B, Johnsrud K, Berner A, Bogsrud T, Waehre H, Giercksky KE, Axcrona K (2006)
    Sentinel node procedure in low-stage/low-grade penile carcinomas
    Scand J Urol Nephrol, 40 (3), 204-7
    DOI 10.1080/00365590600589971, PubMed 16809260

    Publications 2004

    Bach-Gansmo T, Bogsrud TV, Aas M, Jørgensen LH, Fischer BM (2004)
    [Positron emission tomography in the diagnosis of lung cancer]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 124 (8), 1088-9
    PubMed 15114384

    Publications 2003

    Seierstad T, Bogsrud T, Skretting A (2003)
    Effects of photon attenuation on the determination of cardiac volumes from reconstructed counts in gated blood pool SPET
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, 31 (3), 399-402
    DOI 10.1007/s00259-003-1335-6, PubMed 14691609

    Tafjord S, Qvist H, Bogsrud TV, Reed W (2003)
    [Sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast carcinoma: the experience from the Norwegian Radium Hospital]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 123 (12), 1680-2
    PubMed 12821989

    Publications 2002

    Bach-Gansmo T, Bogsrud TV (2002)
    [Lung cancer]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 122 (26), 2559-60; author reply 2560
    PubMed 12522888

    Publications 2001

    Wasmuth HH, Guleng RJ, Ysteng PK, Saltrøe E, Bogsrud TV (2001)
    [Preoperative parathyroid scintigraphy in primary hyperparathyroidism]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 121 (19), 2274-7
    PubMed 11571879

    Publications 1999

    Bogsrud TV, Chen MN, Herold TJ, Mahoney DW, Hung JC (1999)
    Effects of alternative reconstitution procedures on the labelling efficiency and in vitro stability of 99Tcm-labelled radiopharmaceuticals
    Nucl Med Commun, 20 (1), 61-5
    DOI 10.1097/00006231-199901000-00010, PubMed 9949414

    Bogsrud TV, Herold TJ, Mahoney DW, Hung JC (1999)
    Comparison of three cold kit reconstitution techniques for the reduction of hand radiation dose
    Nucl Med Commun, 20 (8), 761-7
    DOI 10.1097/00006231-199908000-00011, PubMed 10451885

    Publications 1996

    Bogsrud TV (1996)
    [Diagnostic imaging of pulmonary embolism]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 116 (2), 299
    PubMed 8633343

    Publications 1990

    Bogsrud TV, Rootwelt K, Russell D, Nyberg-Hansen R (1990)
    Acetazolamide effect on cerebellar blood flow in crossed cerebral-cerebellar diaschisis
    Stroke, 21 (1), 52-5
    DOI 10.1161/01.str.21.1.52, PubMed 2300991

    Claudi T, Bogsrud TV (1990)
    [Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in general practice]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 110 (22), 2886-8
    PubMed 2219068

    Publications 1987

    Bogsrud TV, Odegaard B (1987)
    [Tick-borne borreliosis. A case of chronic meningoencephalitis caused by Borrelia burgdorferi]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 107 (1), 25-7, 49
    PubMed 3824285

    Bogsrud TV, Saltrøe E, Claudi T (1987)
    [Fructosamine or glycosylated hemoglobin? The significance of deviant results between the 2 parameters]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 107 (29), 2513-5
    PubMed 3445247

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