Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Research groups and group leaders:

Abdominal transplantation imaging Neuroimaging Research Group Musculoskeletal Radiology Research Group
Jarl Å. Jakobsen
Geir Ringstad
Johan Castberg Hellund
Emergency Radiology and Abdominal Radiology Vascular diagnostics and intervention Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging
Johann Baptist Dormagen
Ylva Haig
Einar Hopp
Pediatric Radiology Research Group Head, neck and thoracic radiology Functional and Molecular Imaging
Charlotte de Lange
Heidi Beate Eggesbø
Mona-Elisabeth Revheim

Department of Diagnostic Physics

Functional MR Neuroimaging MRI in Clinical Cancer Therapy CT physics and technology
Atle Bjørnerud
Kyrre Emblem
Anne C.T. Martinsen
  Quantitative Analyses and Kinetic Modelling in Nuclear Medicine  
Caroline Stokke

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