Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center - OSTRC

Research profile and aims

The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center was established in May 2000 at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences as a joint research venture between the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery (Oslo University Hospital), and the Department of Sports Medicine (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences). The aim is to prevent injuries and other health problems in sports through research on risk factors, injury mechanisms and prevention methods, with a particular emphasis on football, team handball and alpine skiing/snowboarding. In addition to primary injury prevention research, our cartilage and ligament research group is focused on secondary prevention, i.e. surgical and nonsurgical treatment options to prevent future osteoarthritis.

The goal of the center is to strengthen Norwegian health research by providing a catalyst for innovation among highly-ranked researchers and delivering superior research training and mentorship. The emphasis is not only on the production of new knowledge, but also the translation of research findings into improvements in the health of Norwegians and the Norwegian health care system.