The Regional Core Facility in Translational MRI Neuroimaging

Location: The Core Facility MRI Neuroimaging is located at the Division for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine,  Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål, building 7, 3rd floor, NMR3.

The head of the Core Facility is Frode A. Tuvnes (research coordinator):

The Core Facility was established in 2010 with funding from The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst).

The overall aim of the CF is to provide state-of-the-art MRI research service in brain disorders, including frontline MRI equipment, a common protocol for large scale data collection, and the latest analytical tools for quantitative and qualitative image analysis. 

The CF provides extensive services for neuroresearchers from the entire region within the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.  There are also several ongoing national and international multicentre collaborations and research projects at the facility. 

Specific aims are:

  1. Implement new brain imaging methods at the CF’s MRI scanner
  2. Extend the CF brain imaging register with brain images from routine clinical scans  
  3. Provide technical and administrative support for MRI brain imaging research, including design, acquisition, processing, quality assurance, analysis and interpretation of structural and functional MRI data such as fMRI, DTI and spectroscopy
  4. Provide new technology with potential for innovation through a research agreement with General Electric (GE)
  5. Transfer and support MRI methods to regional hospitals

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We either charge a fee for each scan– usually short term project, but for most long term projects we negotiate a price depending on the needs of each project (prices starting from 2000 NOK per scan).

If you want to start a research project at the Core Facility or have any questions, please contact:
Frode A. Tuvnes (leader and research coordinator):