Experimental Drug Abuse Research

Inger Lise BogenGroup leader
Inger Lise Bogen
Group leader

Our research group focuses on studying the effects of drugs of abuse, including their mechanism of action, toxicity, metabolism, potency, and addiction potential. We investigate the short and long term-effects of drug exposure during fetal life and adolescence, and explore new therapeutic approaches to treat drug addiction. Additionally, we develop analytical methods for new psychoactive substances (NPS) found in the drug market, which are implemented in the forensic toxicology laboratory at Oslo University Hospital. Our research group employs animal models to study the behavioral effects of drugs, and we use analytical methods and molecular biology techniques to determine drug concentrations and neurobiological and genetic changes. We collaborate with national and international partners to advance our understanding of drugs of abuse and the long-term consequences of substance use.

Contact information
Group Leader Inger Lise Bogen, Tel: +47 97041588,   E-mail: Inger.lise.bogen@ous-hf.no