Studies of New Psychoactive Substances

The complexity of the illicit drug market is increasing due to the continuously growing number of new psychoactive substances (NPS). NPS are synthesized with the primary aim of evading existing drug laws and are usually created by modifying the structures of existing psychoactive drugs. They are frequently sold as other common drugs of abuse or mixed in with other drugs, which can lead to accidental overdoses.

To monitor the prevalence of different NPS and enable the acceleration of preventive measures, analysis methods are needed. In forensic casework, the parent compound can be absent or undetectable in biological samples, making metabolite identification essential to confirm the ingested NPS. Knowledge of the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of NPS is important to assess drug potency and the impact of a drug in clinical and forensic toxicology cases.

The primary aim of our research is to develop sensitive and selective analysis methods for the determination of NPS and to expand our knowledge of NPS by studying their metabolism, pharmacodynamics, potency, and mechanism of action.

Research Projects

Development of analysis methods

  • Develop and validate UHPLC-MS/MS methods for the detection of NPS in different biological matrices

Drug metabolism studies

  • Discover the major metabolites of novel fentanyl analogues and synthetic tryptamines using human liver in vitromodels and human post mortem samples combined with UHPLC-TOF-MS
  • Study the impact of CYP2D6 genetics for the metabolite pattern of para-methoxymethamphetamine (PMMA) using genotyped human liver microsomes and human post mortem samples

Pharmacologic effects

  • Study the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamic effects, and potency of selected NPS such as fentanyl analogues, synthetic cathinones, and the methamphetamine analogue methiopropamine
  • Study the mechanism of action of new ketamine analogues on the drug market

Harm reduction

  • Evaluate the usability of commercially available urine fentanyl test strips to check street drugs for fentanyl or fentanyl analogue contamination

If you have questions about the project or suggestions for research collaboration, please contact: Marianne Skov-Skov Bergh ( or Inger Lise Bogen ( at the Department of Forensic Sciences, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway.


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