Research projects

Ongoing projects: 

PhD project: Long-term results in esophageal atresia patients

PhD project: Posterior urethral valves – predictors and outcome

PhD project: Long-term outcome in patients with Hirschsprung disease

PhD project: Immunological mechanisms related to enterocolitis in Hirschsprung disease

PhD project: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in neonates with bowel atresia

Esophageal atresia - Prenatal detection and implications for neonates and parents

Long-term outcome in adolescents operated for hypospadias

Short and long-term outcome in duodenal atresia

Short and long-term results in patients with ganglioneuroma – an international and multi-center study 

Planned research/long term objectives

Continue focus on long-term follow-up studies on congenital malformations by multidisciplinary teams

Initiate more translational research in congenital malformations

Participate in multicenter og multinational studies

Short about strategy….

Include all patients in “Neonatal biobank” and “Neonatal registry” and collect biological samples

Continue and if possible increase participation in the Nordic pediatric study consortium, SIOPEN and ERNICA

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