Research projects

Ongoing projects / research:

  • Long-term results in esophageal atresia patients (research fellow Audun Mikkelsen – PhD project)
  • Posterior urethra valves – predictorsand outcome (research fellow Live Lundar- PhD project)
  • Results after laparoscopic and open fundoplication (research fellow Thomas Fyhn – PhD project)
  • Long-term outcome in patients with sacrococcyggeal teratomas ( Yasser Rehman, MD – national project)
  • Long-term outcome after antireflux surgery (medical student Morten Kvello – forskerlinjen)
  • Epigenetics in development of enteric nerve system (medical student Emilie Jarøy – forskerlinjen and Lourdes Acosta- PhD project))
  • Long-term outcome in patients with Hirschpsrung disease and anorectal malformation (Anders T Hoel, MD – in collaboration with “Bekkensenteret” , Akershus university hospital)
  • Outcome for Hirschpsrung disease, biliary atresia, long gap esophageal atresia in the Nordic countries – Nordic pediatric surgery study consortium (Bjørnland, Emblem, Mikkelsen, Stensrud)
  • Outcome for neuroblastoma patients (SIOPEN – Bjørnland)
  • Comparison of operative approaches for establishment of gastrostomies (medical student M Kvello, registrar phD C Knatten, stoma nurse Astri Austrheim)
  • Nutritional status in children with esophageal atresia ( master student Ragnhild Hansen)
  • Growth and nutrition in boys with posterior urethra valves (master student Elisabeth Johnsen)

Planned research / long term objectives for the group:

Continued focus on long-term follow-up studies of congenital malformations by multidisciplinary teams. Establish national registry for neonatal malformations. Initiate translational research with focus on neonatal malformations. Participate in multicenter and multinational studies

Short about strategy to succeed with planned research / long term objectives: 

Implement registry for neonatal malformations and start collection biological samples from patients with neonatal malformations. Further participation in the Nordic pediatric surgery study consortium, SIOPEn  and ERNICA.

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