Ongoing projects

1. Limb lengthening and reconstruction (Joachim Horn)

“Growth modulation in correction of leg length and axial deviations”; PhD project, Anne Berg Breen

  • The timing of percutaneous epiphysiodesis for leg length discrapency – an evaluation of four different prediction methods
  • A comparison of 3 different methods for assessment of skeletal age when treating leg length discrepancies: An inter- and intra-observer study
  • Comparison of Different Bone Age Methods and Chronological Age in Calculation of Remaining Growth Around the Knee

“Idiopathic increased femoral anteversion”; PhD project Anders Grønseth

  • “Derotational osteotomy in the femur with either percutaneous osteotomy and intrameduallry nailing or with an open approach and plating – a randomized controlled trial”
  • “Three-dimensional gait analysis before and after derotational osteotomy in patients with idiopathic increased femoral anteversion”
  • “Long-term follow-up of untreated patients with increased femoral anteversion”

2. Children’s hip

“A nationwide Perthes study – a long term follow-up with more than 20 years” (Stefan Huhnstock)

“Risk factors for hip displacement in cerebral palsy - a population-based study of 121 non-ambulatory children“ (Terje Terjesen)

3. Mixed Reality, Holographic technology (Ola Wiig)

“OrthoNav-mixed reality/holographic technology in orthopaedic surgery”, PhD project Inger Gruenbeck, MSc, The Intervention Centre, OUH (Ola Wiig)

“gAIt” AI based treatment and diagnostic support for gait evaluation in children with cerebral pulsy, Eirik Gromholdt Homlong, Institutt for Informatikk, Blindern” (Ola Wiig)

4. Children’s foot and ankle

“Idiopathic toewalkers: a clinical intervention study for children from 7-14 years” (Andreas Knaus)

5. Skeletal dysplasia

Establishment of a “Norwegian Skeletal Dysplasia Register” in collaboration with the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Rare Diseases, Department of Medical Genetics and Pediatric Endocrinology. The register will be a base for broad interdisciplinary research within this field. (Joachim Horn)

“The use of gait analysis in skeletal dysplasia – a literature review”, in collaboration with ERN BOND (European Reference Network for Rare Bone Disorders) (Joachim Horn)

“Orthopaedic clinical decision making in skeletal dysplasia – a survey among ERN BOND and EPOS members” (Joachim Horn)

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