Division of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine Clinical Trials

The division has clinical trial units at Rikshospitalet and Ullevål Hospital, also for out-patients.

The units are organized together with The Pediatric Research Institute and serves all departments/subspecialties within the division.

The main activity is drug testing, but the units also manages other sorts of clinical studies in cooperation with other hospitals nationally and internationally.

Contact information     

Line Samuelsen, Study coordinator, Rikshospitalet
Email: uxlsam@ous-hf.no 
Tove Nyenget, Study coordinator, Ullevål 
Email: uxtnye@ous-hf.no 
Per Kristian Knudsen, Senior consultant
Phone: 004791631421 
Email: uxpekn@ous-hf.no

Clinical trials

Number of trials that included patients in the last three year period

Trials with hospital as sponsor:  2020: 16, 2022: 20 
Trials with industry as sponsor: 2020: 23, 2022: 32

Multicenter trials

Regionally or nationally: NorPedMed 
Nordic: NordicPedMed 
Europe and overseas: Conect4Children (c4c)


Dedicated personell in local unit: 
All personell has GCP certificat
All study nurses have IATA certificat 
Coordinators: 2 (100% positions) 
Study doctors: 4 (one 60%, three 20%) 
Study nurses: 8 (one 100%, seven 50%) 
Bioengineer: 1 (100%) 
Experienced personell with GCP qualification. All doctors are PhD
Available from other department:
Cooperation with doctors from most sections in the Division of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine. 
Cooperation with most other Divisions at Oslo University Hospital 

Equipment and tests:
Centrifuges- ambient and refrigerated, ECG, Scales, height mesurement, Blood pressure device, Sao2, -20 freezer, -80 freezer, refrigerators

Dedicated test beds or outpatient clinic
1 bed at oncology unit for children

Registers and biobanking
Several registers covering newborn, diabetes, cancer and rare diseases.
Biobanking covering cancers and some rare diseases, plus project related biobanks.

User participation

User representative in local comitee or meetings 
Patient organisation 

Number of patients in the clinic

In ward, stays (2022): 7115 
In ward, daycare (2022): 5630 
Out-patient, admittance (2022): 58527 

Clinical Trials, patients included (2022):
Rikshospitalet:23 participants included in interventional studies
Ullevål: 30 participants included in interventional studies

Catchment area     

Responsibility and number of inhabitants in areal included 
Local (0-17 years of age; Oslo, except Grorud, Stovner and Alna districts) : 108 216 
Regional (0-17 years of age; Southern and Eastern regions of Norway): 620 497 
Nationally (0-17 years of age; all regions): 1 108 523 

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