Sissel Berge Helverschou

  • Specialist in psychology; PhD
  • +47 23 01 60 56

Original articles

Kildahl AN, Berg LK, Nilssen ALE, Bjorgo K, Rodningen O, Helverschou SB (2020)
Psychiatric assessment in Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (22q13 deletion syndrome)
J. Intellect. Dev. Dis., 45 (1), 54-58

Kildahl AN, Helverschou SB, Oddli HW (2019)
Clinicians' retrospective perceptions of failure to detect sexual abuse in a young man with autism and mild intellectual disability*
J. Intellect. Dev. Dis.

Helverschou SB, Brunvold AR, Arnevik EA (2019)
Treating Patients With Co-occurring Autism Spectrum Disorder and Substance Use Disorder: A Clinical Explorative Study
Subst Abuse, 13, 1178221819843291
DOI 10.1177/1178221819843291, PubMed 31024216

Kildahl AN, Engebretsen MH, Helverschou SB (2019)
Attachment disorder in autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability
Adv. Ment. Health Intellet. Disabil., 13 (2), 57-66

Bakken TL, Evensen OO, Bjorgen TG, Nilsen IT, Bang N, Pedersen U, Berge K, Ellingsen KE, Baasland T, Helverschou SB (2018)
Mental health services for adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities in Norway: a descriptive study
Adv. Ment. Health Intellet. Disabil., 12 (3-4), 121-134

Helverschou SB, Steindal K, Nøttestad JA, Howlin P (2017)
Personal experiences of the Criminal Justice System by individuals with autism spectrum disorders
Autism, 22 (4), 460-468
DOI 10.1177/1362361316685554, PubMed 28325062

Kildahl AN, Bakken TL, Holm OK, Helverschou SB (2017)
Assessment of psychosis in ASD/ID: a case study
Adv. Ment. Health Intellet. Disabil., 11 (1), 17-23

Arnevik EA, Helverschou SB (2016)
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Co-occurring Substance Use Disorder - A Systematic Review
Subst Abuse, 10, 69-75
DOI 10.4137/SART.S39921, PubMed 27559296

Helverschou SB, Rasmussen K, Steindal K, Søndanaa E, Nilsson B, Nøttestad JA (2015)
Offending profiles of individuals with autism spectrum disorder: A study of all individuals with autism spectrum disorder examined by the forensic psychiatric service in Norway between 2000 and 2010
Autism, 19 (7), 850-8
DOI 10.1177/1362361315584571, PubMed 25976157

Søndenaa E, Helverschou SB, Steindal K, Rasmussen K, Nilson B, Nøttestad JA (2014)
Violence and sexual offending behavior in people with autism spectrum disorder who have undergone a psychiatric forensic examination
Psychol Rep, 115 (1), 32-43
DOI 10.2466/16.15.PR0.115c16z5, PubMed 25073065

Helverschou SB, Martinsen H (2011)
Anxiety in people diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability: Recognition and phenomenology
Res. Autism Spectr. Disord., 5 (1), 377-387

Bakken TL, Helverschou SB, Eilertsen DE, Heggelund T, Myrbakk E, Martinsen H (2010)
Psychiatric disorders in adolescents and adults with autism and intellectual disability: a representative study in one county in Norway
Res Dev Disabil, 31 (6), 1669-77
DOI 10.1016/j.ridd.2010.04.009, PubMed 20493660

Helverschou SB, Bakken TL, Martinsen H (2009)
The Psychopathology in Autism Checklist (PAC): A pilot study
Res. Autism Spectr. Disord., 3 (1), 179-195

Sponheim E, Oftedal G, Helverschou SB (2002)
Multiple doses of secretin in the treatment of autism: a controlled study
Acta Paediatr, 91 (5), 540-5
DOI 10.1080/080352502753711669, PubMed 12113323

Review articles

Kildahl AN, Bakken TL, Iversen TE, Helverschou SB (2019)
Identification of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability: A Systematic Review
J. Ment. Health Res. Intellect. Disabil., 12 (1-2), 1-25


Bakken TL, Helverschou SB, Kalvenes G, Foss NE, Martinsen H (2008)
Psykisk lidelse hos voksne med autisme og utviklingshemning: erfaringer fra 19 kliniske samarbeidsprosjekter
In Rapport, Autismeenheten, Oslo, nr 2·2008, VI, 64 s.
BIBSYS 091781892, ISBN 978-82-92793-06-0

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