Martine Mesel Isom

  • Research assistant; MSc
Martine Mesel Isom has a Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), August 2020. Her master thesis on the characterization and optimization of the ParB-INT imaging tool was completed in the Chromatin Biology Group, supervised by Associate Professor Ragnhild Eskeland (PhD).
Since October 2020, she has been employed as a research assistant in the MS research group.
Research interests:
• Autoimmunity and T cell activation
• Gene editing technology
• Imaging
• Cultivation and transfection of cell lines (HeLa, MCF7, Jurkat, OS25)
• Isolation, transfection, and activation of primary human T cells
• Western blotting
• Flow cytometry
• qPCR
• Sub-cloning
• ChIP and Co-IP
• Protein purification by precipitation and nickel affinity chromatography
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