Steffan Daniël Bos

  • Post.doc.; PhD
  • +47 230 79024

Adress: Oslo University Hospital, Research Unit for Neuroscience, Domus Medica II, 2nd floor, L-268, Gaustadalleen 34, 0372 Oslo

Bos has obtained a PhD degree in genetics after obtaining a Master degree in biopharmaceutics, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. His research has focused on the genetics of complex diseases and in particular the follow up of genes showing involvement through genome wide approaches.

Project/research interest:
Bos' main project encompasses the investigation of the epigenetic profile of MS patients' immune cells. Furthermore, the functional follow up of genes implicated in MS through recent genome wide approaches is a focus point in his research. Bos is co-supervisor for Pankaj Kumar Keshari.

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