Group members

Ragnhild Marie Undseth, MD, PhD. Group leader.

Per Kristian Hol, MD, PhD

Bjørn Edwin, Professor, MD PhD, The Intervention Centre (researcher)

Eric Dorenberg, MD PhD, Dept of Radiology, OUS Rikshospitalet (researcher)

Tryggve Storås, PhD, The Intervention Centre (researcher)

Grethe Løvland (technician)

Svein Are Vatnehol (technician)

Ulrik Carling, MD (PhD candidate)

Associated group members

Viktor Berge, MD PhD, and Eduard Baco, MD, Dept of Urology, OUS Aker (researcher)

Professor Aud Svindland, MD PhD, Dept of Pathology, OUS Radiumhospitalet (researcher)

Kirsten Hald, MD, PhD, Dept of Gynecology, OUS Ullevål (researcher)

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