About the department

The Department of Medical Genetics is the largest medical genetic department in Norway studying hereditary diseases and performing research on genetic causes of disease.

The department has research groups working in various fields of medical genetics, including the genetics of autoimmune, neurological, cardiovascular and psychiatric disorders, epigenetics causes of disease and research groups focusing on bioinformatics.

The department runs a national core facility in high throughput DNA sequencing at the Norwegian Sequencing Center (NSC). NSC is a core facility for massive parallel DNA sequencing with machinery spread over Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES) at the Department of Biosciences, the Facility of Science, University of Oslo, and at AMG.

By harnessing state of the art sequencing technology our department aims to develop a platform that will take diagnosis and treatment to the next level by providing personalized medicine for the Norwegian population.

There are nearly 200 employees in our department employed at University of Oslo (UiO) or Oslo University Hospital (OUH).

The main activities of the department are clinical genetic testing, genetic counselling including assistance in connection with prenatal diagnosis, genetic laboratory diagnostics and genetic research and teaching.

Department of Medical Genetics have in total nine research groups at the UiO and OUH. Seven of the research groups are organized in Section for Research and Development (In Norwegian).

Report Department of Medical Genetics 20/21

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