Kirsten Sandvig with article in Nature

K. Sandvig
K. Sandvig

Professor Kirsten Sandvig from the Department of Biochemistry is working with endocytosis and intracellular transport and is highly cited for her work (Hirsch factor 59). She was asked by the editors of Nature to comment on findings on the uptake mechanism of vaccinia virus. Sandvig has together with Prof. Bo van Deurs written an article entitled “Viruses in camouflage”, which is published in the "News and views" section in the May 22nd issue of Nature (impact factor 27).


Kirsten Sandvig & Bo van Deurs
Viruses in camouflage
Nature 453, 466-467 (22 May 2008) (Published online 21 May 2008)
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The article she was asked by Nature to comment upon:

Mercer J, Helenius A.
Vaccinia virus uses macropinocytosis and apoptotic mimicry to enter host cells. (link to PubMed)
Science. 2008 Apr 25;320(5875):531-5.

Kirsten Sandvig's group "Intracellular transport"

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