The Annual report from Institute for Cancer Research is published

The annual report for 2023 from the Institute for Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital is now available online. The eleven key topics of the report describe the work and output from ICR in 2023. Alongside outstanding research and key figures, the report includes information about how we work with recruitment, training, and career development, translation and innovation, dissemination, and public outreach, and collaboration in Norway and abroad.

Our 377 employees in 6 research departments, 26 research groups, 29 project groups, and 6 core facility units represent a vibrant research environment producing high-quality research from basic research to clinical trials.

Noteworthy is our instrumental role as key partners in over 20 clinical trials and leaders in more than 120 translation and innovation projects, many of which involve collaborative efforts with industry partners. Additionally, our engagement in scientific and public discourse, through talks, meetings, events, and media appearances, underscores our proactive approach to knowledge dissemination and societal impact.

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