Johanna Olweus interviewed for The Scientist on next-generation cancer therapies

Johanna Olweus
Johanna Olweus

Professor Johanna Olweus, Head of the Experimental Immunotherapy Group at the Institute for Cancer Research, has been extensively interviewed for a feature article in "The Scientist" magazine, entitled "Next-generation CAR and TCR Cancer Therapies". In this piece of excellent scientific journalism, she goes through findings and mechanisms that she and group have exploited to develop innovative new concepts for T-cell based immunotherapies, and why she is optimistic that TCR T cell therapies will be effective also in solid cancer.


The Scientist feature article:
Next-generation CAR and TCR Cancer Therapies (Mar 15, 2024)
From smart receptors to novel biologics, scientists plan to overcome the challenges of treating solid tumors.

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