Funding from FRIPRO to five promising researchers from Oslo University Hospital

Anita Sveen (left) and Kaisa Haglund are among the supported researchers

FRIPRO is an open, national competitive arena that covers all fields of research. FRIPRO aims to promote scientific excellence, bold and innovative research, support the careers of young research talents, as well as increasing the mobility for scientists early in their careers.

Five promising researchers and projects originating from Oslo University Hospital have now been granted suppoert from FRIPRIO.

Extensive article (in Norwegian) from the Oslo Universitetssykehus blog for employees, where the researchers present their projects in a popular science form:

OUS-forskere med midler fra FRIPRO – nye midler kommer snart

Projects from Oslo University Hospital receiving renewed FRIPRO support:

Immunotherapy: Anders Aune Tveita
Mapping of personality disorders: Muirne Paap
Personalized treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer: Anita Sveen
Cell division in fruit flies (Drosophila): Kaisa Haglund
The «software» of life: John Arne Dahl



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