Hilde Wøien

  • Associate professor; PhD

Research areas and ongoing projects:

Pain, sedation and delirium in intensive care

Implementation research

  1. Patient experiences and nurses’ management of pain and discomfort during a strategy of analgosedation in critical care - an exploratory study. Main supervisor for doctoral student Helene Berntzen OUS
  2. Childrens’ fear of needle injections - a qualitative study of children with rheumatic diseases, their parents and nurses in training-sessions for home-administration. Main supervisor for doctoral student Kari Sørensen OUS
  3. Communicating quality indicators via Social Media as a strategy to optimize Critical Care. Main supervisor for doctoral student Antonija Petosic OUS
  4. Intensive care nurses core qualities. Supervisor for doctoral student Kjersti Forbech Henriksen USN 
  5. Pain assessment in ICU patients with delirium/cognitive impairment


Helene Berntzen, Kari Sørensen, Antonija Petosic, Kjersti Forbech Henriksen, Ida Torunn Bjørk, Professor Emerita UiO, Helge Skirbekk UiO/ LDH, Gunnvald Kvarstein, overlege OUS/ Professor UiT, Kjetil Sunde, Professor OUS, Torsten Eken, overlege OUS, Hans Flaatten, Professor Haukeland/UiB, Dmitri Beeckman, Professor Ghent University, Belgium

The Pain Research Group at OUS: Audun Stubhaug, Olöf Steingrimsdottir, Christopher Nielsen and Per Hansson

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