Perimmune research meeting

The new PERIMMUNE project, with collaborators from Belgium, France, Germany and Turkey has begun and the norwegian collaborators , members of Kjersti Flatmarks and Else Marit Inderbergs groups and study nurses involved in the project met to get more acquainted, discuss the results from the pilot study and future execution of the project.  


User participation in our research

User participation is important in research, and can make it better and more relevant. Kjersti was invited by the Norwegian Cancer Society to give a short talk on user involvement in our research during the seminar last week "How do we succeed with user-MED action in research?". "We have been working to involve users in our projects since 2017. User participation is important for us researchers to understand how the disease affects the patients and their caretakers. User participation has also been instrumental in teaching us  how to better communicate our research and research results in a clear and understandable way." says Kjersti Flatmark

Research meeting at Norefjell

Members of the Translational Cancer Therapy research group and Section for Oncological pelvic surgery participated in an inspiring and fruitful translational research meeting at Norefjell  15th-16th September with the kind support from Hydros fond. There were presentations of both clinical and translational research projects, giving the participants a better understanding of each other’s work, with the aim of improving the collaboration between the groups and thus also improve the research.


Participants at the meeting. Photo: Annette Torgunrud
Participants at the meeting. Photo: Annette Torgunrud


EuroPMP meeting in Ghent

Thursday June 23rd , a meeting for all the members of the EuroPMP Cost action were held in Ghent, Belgium. This was the first face to face meeting in EuroPMP since the start of the COVID pandemic. Colleagues from all over Europe, all working together to improve the treatment for patients with Pseudomyxoma peritonei attended. Everyone was thrilled at finally getting the chance to meet colleagues face to face after the pandemic to exchange ideas, research results and further promote collaboration.

An enlightening translational research meeting between pelvic surgeons and researchers at the Radium Hospital

Participants at the translational research meeting. Foto: Per M. Didriksen
Participants at the translational research meeting. Foto: Per M. Didriksen

On Friday 15 October, an inspiring translational research meeting was organized at the Institute for Cancer Research. Invited participants from the Section for Oncological pelvic surgery and the Translational Cancer Therapy research group, together with a number of collaborative partners and our user panel were present.

"We are so happy that we finally had the opportunity to organize such a meeting again. It is important to be able to meet and present and discuss many of our exciting research projects"
says head of Oncological pelvic surgery Dr. Stein G. Larsen.