Perimmune research meeting

The new PERIMMUNE project, with collaborators from Belgium, France, Germany and Turkey has begun and the norwegian collaborators , members of Kjersti Flatmarks and Else Marit Inderbergs groups and study nurses involved in the project met to get more acquainted, discuss the results from the pilot study and future execution of the project.  


More information about the PERIMMUNE project can be found here. 

We will be involved in the working groups 1, immunogenomic characterization of human colorectal PM, and 5, immunigenicity, modulating role of gut microbiome and anticancer efficacy of intraperitoneal TLR agonists. 


Kjersti presenting the aims of the project
Kjersti presenting the aims of the study
Ebbe presenting cytokine analyses


Else Marit presenting preliminary results
Mingling after presentations



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