Locally advanced rectal cancer-exfoliated peritoneal tumor cells

Can molecular detection of exfoliated peritoneal tumor cells be used as a prognostic factor after resection?

The main cause of mortality in locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC) is metastatic progression. During tumor growth, and possibly by manipulation during surgery, cells from rectal tumors may be shed into the peritoneal cavity. Exfoliation of tumor cells, spontaneously and/or after surgical manipulation of the tumor, has been hypothesized as a potential mechanism for development of local recurrence and peritoneal carcinomatosis. 

Detection of cancer cells in the peritoneal cavity at the time of surgery might therefore be of value for prediction of disease recurrence with subsequent prognostic implications for these patients. In this study we aim to determine the presence of exfoliated tumor cells in peritoneal lavage samples from patients undergoing surgery for Local advanced rectal cancer.



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