Research projects

  • UiO:Life Science: Medical, legal and lay understandings of physical evidence in rape cases (Evidently Rape)
  • Improvements of methods for the interpretation of complex mixed DNA profiles (in some cases there are many contributors to a DNA trace, e.g. from a multiple rape case or from traces deposited in connection with illegal drug cases).
  • Developing and improving methods to obtain usable DNA profiles from more traces.
  • Forensic DNA database search and legal protection- mathematical and statistical considerations (internationally, there have been extensive technical discussions about the statistical weighting of the matching results from search in forensic DNA databases. This is a topic that will grow in national importance as the Norwegian databases expand).
  • Development of computer simulations of molecular biology processes used in forensic DNA profiling assays.
  • Transfer and durability of forensic DNA traces.
  • Novel application of massively parallel sequencing in forensic genetics.
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