Research projects

  • UiO:Life Science: Medical, legal and lay understandings of physical evidence in rape cases (Evidently Rape)
  • Development and maintenance of software to validate methods (STR-validator), and to compare (CaseSolver) and interpret (EuroForMix) complex mixed DNA profiles in crime cases. The software is used by many laboratories worldwide.
  • Development and maintenance of software to establish relationships based on DNA data (Familias), and to handle linked markers in relationship inference (FamLink and FamLinkX). All software is widely used by many forensic laboratories.
  • Developing and improving methods to obtain usable DNA profiles from more traces.
  • Transfer, persistence and recovery of forensic DNA traces. The application of Bayes Nets to interpret evidence that is relevant at the activity level.
  • Novel applications of massively parallel sequencing in forensic genetics e.g. microbiome, body fluid identification, and extending existing methods to detect highly degraded materials and to improve discriminating power.
  • Create custom MPS panels with a great number of SNP markers (collaboration with the supplier) with applications both in relationship inference, ancestry inference and mixture evaluations.
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