Free and open source software

EuroForMix: Opensource software for statistical DNA interpretation.

CaseSolver: R program based on EuroForMix for analysing case data.

MPSproto: A model for utilizing MPS-STR sequence information

EFMex: A user-friendly GUI for calculating exhaustive hypothesis based calculation

STR-validator: R program developed mainly for internal validation of forensic STR DNA typing kit.

Pedsuite: A collection of R packages for pedigree analysis, including kinship, DVI, pedigree reconstruction and other forensic applications

QuickPed: An interactive web app for building and analysing pedigrees

KLINK: An R package and interactive app for kinship testing with linked markers

Familias: Familias is a free software for probability calculations when inferring paternity and identification based on DNA data

FamLink: The software FamLink provides functions for likelihood calculation for family relationships/pedigrees using linked DNA marker data

FamLinkX: The software FamLinkX provides functions in likelihood calculation for family relationships/pedigrees using X-chromosomal genetic marker data

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