Selma Øverland Lie

  • Researcher, Master in Psychology; PhD

Selma Øverland Lie completed her PhD at RASP in 2022. The dissertation “History of bullying, abuse, and other stressful life events in individuals with eating disorders” used data from the “EDGE” study.  Selma is now working as part of the research team, where key research interests are risk factors for eating disorders, neuropsychology of eating disorders, and exploring new methods in the study and treatment of eating disorders. 

Ongoing research: 

Eating disorders: genes and environment (EDGE)

EMA/Meal anxiety 


Publications 2023

Lie S (2023)
Ulike veier inn til spiseforstyrrelser
Tidsskrift for Norsk psykologforening, 60, 24-26
PublikaID 477

Lie SØ, Wisting L, Stedal K, Rø Ø, Friborg O (2023)
Stressful life events and resilience in individuals with and without a history of eating disorders: a latent class analysis
J Eat Disord, 11 (1), 184
DOI 10.1186/s40337-023-00907-8, PubMed 37845712

Publications 2021

Lie SØ, Bulik CM, Andreassen OA, Rø Ø, Bang L (2021)
The association between bullying and eating disorders: A case-control study
Int J Eat Disord, 54 (8), 1405-1414
DOI 10.1002/eat.23522, PubMed 33942329

Lie SØ, Bulik CM, Andreassen OA, Rø Ø, Bang L (2021)
Stressful life events among individuals with a history of eating disorders: a case-control comparison
BMC Psychiatry, 21 (1), 501
DOI 10.1186/s12888-021-03499-2, PubMed 34645394

Publications 2019

Lie SØ, Rø Ø, Bang L (2019)
Is bullying and teasing associated with eating disorders? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Int J Eat Disord, 52 (5), 497-514
DOI 10.1002/eat.23035, PubMed 30706957

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