PANCAIM - pancreatic cancer AI for genomics and personalized medicine

Personalized medicine faces critical challenges in terms of the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response prediction of patients with pancreatic cancer. Projected to be the second most lethal cancer by the end of 2030, and with the lowest survival rate across all cancers in Europe, pancreatic cancer calls for a joint action across scientific disciplines and institutions, both in industry and academia. PANCAIM is a pan-European project aiming to combine AI expertise with clinicians’ and biologists’ knowledge to develop an AI-guided platform that will allow the integration of multiple types of cancer data (from genomics to medical images) and their integrated analysis using multi-modal predictive models. The PANCAIM platform is expected to become not only a centralized knowledge hub for pancreatic cancer biology but also a repository of accountable, AI-assisted clinical applications, that will help clinicians to select the more promising treatment options for pancreatic cancer patients.

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