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Institute for Cancer Research has since its foundation in 1954 played a central role within the field of cancer research both in Norway and internationally. The Institute has seven research departments and more than 320 employees, master students included. About 70% of the employees and projects are externally funded.

The Institute has internationally strong research groups within biochemistry, cell and tumor biology, genetics, radiation biology, immunology and cancer prevention. For more than 30 years there has been a close interaction between researchers at the Institute and cancer surgeons, oncologists and pathologists. This emphasis on translational science has resulted in numerous clinical protocols based on in-house research, and the Institute is a key partner in the Comprehensive Cancer Center, organizationally under the Division of Surgery and Cancer Treatment at Oslo University Hospital.

Gunnar Sæter<br>Scientific director
Gunnar Sæter
Scientific director

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Oslo University Hospital has award 6 excellent articles for the first half-year of 2014

Bjørn Erikstein, managing director OUS
Bjørn Erikstein, managing director OUS

Oslo University Hospital has rewarded six research groups for their excellent papers published during the first half-year of 2014. Each group receives NOK 50.000 for use in further research. The prizes were distributed during the Friday meeting at Ullevål November 21st.
The award winners gave short presentations of the main findings in their respective articles. Managing director Bjørn Erikstein (photo) distributed the awards, and professor Ole M. Sejerstad chaired the meeting.
The six selected articles are of especially high quality, and they present important finding on both-short and long-term scales. The works reflect the good quality and the interdisciplinarity that characterises several research environments at Oslo University Hospital. The research is a fundamental condition for the institution to maintain and strenghten the quality in the patient treatment.


Ceremony Friday November 21st at 14:00:

Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2014 to Arne Kolstad

Arne Kolstad
Arne Kolstad

The 2014 "Dr. Ragnar Mørk's legacy prize" goes to Arne Kolstad from the Department of Oncology for his excellent clinical research on lymphoma therapy.
This annual award of NOK 200.000 is given to scientists affiliated to the Norwegian Radium Hospital who have obtained important results within the field of cancer research.

The ceremony will take place at 14:00 on Friday November 21st in Seminar rooms 1 and 2 in Research Building at Montebello. Kolstad will here give a lecture about the research activities that has earned him the award, and refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome.


New book on RNA Interference edited by Mouldy Sioud recently published

Mouldy Sioud
Mouldy Sioud

Mouldy Sioud from Department of Immunology at the Institute for Cancer Research is the editor of a new book published November 10th entitled "RNA Interference: Challenges and Therapeutic Opportunities". The book is included in the series "Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 1218" and provides readers with recent advances in siRNA design, delivery, targeting and methods to minimize siRNA's unwanted effects. Preclinical and clinical use of synthetic siRNAs, the roles of miRNAs in cancer and the promise of extracellular miRNAs for diagnosis are also covered in this meticulous collection, along with novel methods for identifying endogenous siRNAs and the annotation of small RNA transcriptomes.


OUS research blog, November

Why are we more allergic than before?

K.C. Lødrup Carlsen
K.C. Lødrup Carlsen

The recently launched Oslo University Hospital research blog is the first of this kind among Norwegian health care institutions. The blog acts as a platform for communicating discoveries in medical sciences in a popularised form, as well as serving as a vehicle for the hospital to stay in touch with the community. It will also be used as a channel for voicing the views of the hospital in debates concerning research policies. The blog is in Norwegian. New contributions will appear on the blog every other week, starting with the heads of research at the various divisions writing in turn. The current contribution is by Karin C. Lødrup Carlsen, head of research at the Women and Children's Division.


“Centrosome and Cilia biology”-project headed by Sebastian Patzke highlighted by "Helse Sør-Øst"

S. Patzke
S. Patzke

The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst) aims to profile ongoing excellent research in the region by calling special attention to selected annual research project reports. This week’s highlighted research project is: "From Cilia to Cytokinesis – Impact of Centrosome Dysfunction in Cancer beyond Cell Division" headed by Sebastian Patzke from the Molecular Radiation Biology group (Trond Stokke) at the Department of Radiation Biology at the Institute of Cancer Research, Division of Cancer Medicine, Surgery & Transplantation, Oslo University Hospital.


Benedicte A. Lie appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for October 2014

Benedicte A. Lie
Benedicte A. Lie

The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst) aims to profile ongoing excellent research in the region by calling special attention to a "Scientist of the Month".

For the month of October 2014, this honour went to Benedicte A. Lie, leader of the "Genetics of autoimmunity and cancer" group at the Department of Medical Genetics at the Division of Diagnostics and Intervention, Oslo University Hospital.