Department of Tumor Biology

Department Head: Professor Gunhild M. Mælandsmo, PhD

Vision: To Improve Treatment of Locally Advanced and Metastatic Cancer .

Aims and strategy:

Through basic and translational research in tumor biology and computational science, we aim to improve the molecular understanding of cancer and to identify novel intervention strategies. We base our research on specific clinical needs and knowledge gaps, facilitated by the multidisciplinary interactions between basic researchers and clinicians in shared positions. The goal is to translate our research findings into clinical practice.

Goal: Our goal is to identify candidate biomarkers and therapeutic targets, followed by validation in preclinical models and further translation to clinical trials.

Cultural values: We encourage a culture in the department based on visionary thinking, collaboration, curiosity and quality.

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Department of Tumour Biology comprises four research groups headed by the follwing leaders:

Translational Cancer Therapy Computational Cancer Genomics and Melanoma Systems Biology Molecular Biology of Sarcomas
Kjersti Flatmark
Eivind Hovig
Jørgen Wesche
Metastasis Biology and Experimental Therapeutics  
G.M. Mælandsmo


Department of Tumor Biology Project groups

Under: Metastasis Biology and Experimental Therapeutics (Mælandsmo):

Tumor-stroma interactions in metastasis and therapy

Urological Molecular Biology Molecular precision medicine in breast cancer
Lina Prasmickaite
Kristin Austlid Tasken
Mads H. Haugen
Under: Computational Cancer Genomics and Melanoma Systems Biology (Hovig): Under: Molecular Biology of Sarcomas (Wesche):
Autophagy in Cancer Genomic Regulation for Precision Cancer Medicine Lab Translational Genomics
Nikolai Engedal
Alfonso Urbanucci
Leonardo A. 
Under: Translational Cancer Therapy
Under: Molecular Biology of Sarcomas (Wesche):  
Experimental treatment of peritoneal metastasis Cancer cell migration, invasion and metastasis  
Karianne Giller Fleten
Ellen M. Haugsten

Contact information

Head of Department: Gunhild M. Mælandsmo, PhD
Department of Tumor Biology, Institute for Cancer Research
Oslo University Hospital Montebello, Box 4953 - Nydalen - 0424 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: (047) 22 78 18 79
Fax: (047) 22 78 18 95