B-Cell Receptor signaling Group (BCRSG)

Peter SzodorayGroup leader
Peter Szodoray
Group leader

The main focus of the group is to decipher how the B cell receptor (BCR) signaling strength is controlled by T-cell dependent and T-cell independent stimuli, with a special emphasis on CD45 phosphatase activity. CD45 phosphatase is a key regulator of the BCR signaling pathway with the ability to enhance BCR signaling kinase activity. We have discovered that T-cell dependent- and independent-factors positively regulate BCR signaling via CD45 activity increase. By mapping mechanisms that regulate CD45 activity, and thus, BCR signaling strength, we identify targets that control B cell proliferation and differentiation into memory and plasma cells. We aim to pinpoint the natural ligands of CD45 and their functional modulation in order to identify novel therapeutic targets in B cell driven diseases of autoimmune and malignant origin. 

Research Projects

  • The role of CD45 phosphatase activity and its regulation via natural ligands to control BCR signaling strength in normal B cell development 
  • To decipher how the BCR signal strength controls fate decision of autoreactive clones in central and peripheral tolerance mechanisms in autoimmunity/autoimmune diseases 
  • To delineate how the B cells proliferation capacity and longevity is -along with other factors- regulated by the BCR signaling strength in immunodeficiencies and hematological malignancies
  • To investigate CD45 phosphatase activity regulation of BCR signaling strength in the development of effective humoral immune response against viruses     

Contact information

Peter Szodoray
Institute of Immunology, Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital
Sognsvannsveien 20., Section A2. 2nd. floor, Room:   A3.2079, 0372 Oslo, Norway
Phone: + 47 23 07 30 65 Cell: + 47 94 269082 Fax: + 47 23 07 35 10
Email: szodoray@gmail.com, peter.szodoray@medisin.uio.no, petszo@ous-hf.no