Welcome  The HSØ Core Facility for Structural Biology

The HSØ Core Facility for Structural Biology will provide its users with a range of services within structural biology, including protein expression and purification, crystallization screening, structural determination of proteins and protein complexes by X-ray crystallography and BioSAXS. We have all major methods for quantitative protein-interaction studies, including ITC, MST and SPR, and we can look at both protein-protein and protein-ligand complexes. We also help with modeling of proteins and their interactions, and a variety of bioinformatics services, with emphasis on interpretation of clinical data with respect to structural bioinformatics. We can also assist with virtual screening for drug design projects. See our Projects page for examples of studies we have assisted.

We serve all users associated to institutions belonging to Helse Søt-Øst, as well as research groups at external research institutions in the region, including e.g. UiO, NMBU and university colleges. We can also provide selected services to industrial partners.