Welcome to: Research group for patient reported outcomes and health economics

Marit H. AndersenGroup leader
Marit H. Andersen
Group leader

Research group for Patient Reported Outcomes and Health Economics is aiming to be a research network and communicate methodological issues within patient reported outcomes studies and health economics research. The group is multidisciplinary and has varied research activities related to a wide span of research questions within different patient groups.

Centre of Patient reported outcomes research was established January 2021 to strengthen the use of patient-reported data (PRO) within clinical research at the Department of Transplantation Medicine.
PRO-data provide unique information on the physical, functional and psychological impact of a treatment from the patient’s perspective. Within the area of transplantation, patients’ perspectives on their health are increasingly acknowledged as valuable and vital in order to provide patient-centred healthcare.
Link: ProTx (patient reported outcomes in transplantation) home page (in Norwegian)