The Department of Neurohabilitation

The Department of Neurohabilitation with multidisciplinary staff, including Consultants in Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychologist with specialties in Clinical Neuropsychology and Habilitation Psychology, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, and Case Workers with various professional backgrounds. The department provides care to a wide variety of patient groups with complex disabilities, including intellectual disabilities and other acquired and congenital disorders also including rare conditions, genetical conditions and neurological conditions.

For several years staff members at the Department of Neurohabilitation have been conducting research and produced publications on a variety of research topics and patient groups.  Since 2014 the department holds a Professor II position (20%) filled by Bjørnar Hassel. In addition, postdoctoral and Ph.D.  fellow positions have been affiliated with the department.  

The research group on neurohabilitation covers projects on involving patients with brain abscesses, intellectual disability, developmental disorders,  muscle Diseases (i.e. Dystrofia Myotonica), Huntington’s disease. Several of the ongoing projects are conducted in collaboration with other research group i.e. NORMENT.