The Imaging Facilities of the Institute for Cancer Research

The Department of Molecular Cell Biology at Institute for Cancer Research runs two OUH core facilities for microscopy - Advanced Light Microscopy Core Facility and Advanced Electron microscopy Core Facility (Montebello).

The Confocal microscopy core facility currently has a Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscopy equipped for live imaging available.
The Superresolution microscopy core facility has an OMX V4 Blaze 3D-SIM microscope from Applied Precision which is equipped for 3D-SIM, PALM/dSTORM, as well as TIRF and fast widefield live cell imaging.
The Electron microscopy facility has a Jeol  1230 (120 kV TEM), equipped with a tomography stage and a Morada camera, and an Phillips CM 100 (100 kV TEM), with a MegaViewIII camera.
The Department of Molecular Cell Biology also holds a Zeiss LSM 780 confocal microscope, a Zeiss LSM DUO fast confocal microscope, a Nikon Biostation live-cell widefield fluorescence and phase contrast microscope, an Olympus Scan R microscope for high-throughput widefield fluorescence microscopy, and a DeltaVision live-cell widefield fluorescence microscope for fast-imaging. These microscopes are primarily reserved for the Department's staff but are also available to other users.

To get access to the microscopes or services on microscopy contact a staff member at the core facilities.



Journal covers with images from the Imaging Facility.