Eivind Hovig's research group: Computational Cancer Genomics and Melanoma Systems Biology

Eivind Hovig
Eivind Hovig

The research group currently has activity within several areas:

Bioinformatics – related to, but not restricted to:

Wet-lab - The group currently has activity within several fields:

  • Melanoma-related aspects, centering on the melanocyte master switch transcription factor MITF, where we have developed a reproducible model of transformation
  • Heritable cancer, where we are characterizing the heritable cancer biobank of the Radium hospital, originally collected by Dr. Pål Møller and collaborators. We are using both genotyping and whole genome sequencing of several thousand samples in a collaboration with deCODE of Iceland. We are also participating in the international prospective Lynch syndrome collaboration, and where we are serving their PLSD database. Also, we have Pink ribbon funding from the Norwegian Association for Cancer Research for looking into the genetics of heritable breast cancer.
  • Precision medicine-based approaches to treat prostate cancer and others, by combining wet and dry studies of chromatin dynamics, gene regulation, and bromodomain-containing proteins to understand their involvement in carcinogenesis and drug resistance.
  • Autophagy in prostate cancer and melanoma, including the role of mammalian ATG8 proteins in autophagy of malignant and non-malignant cells. 
  • Mitochondrial DNA variation and heteroplasmy, including various methodological approaches.
Group contact information:
Eivind Hovig, Department of Tumor Biology,Institute for Cancer Research
The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Montebello, 0310 Oslo,Norway
Phone: +47 2278 1778,
Email: ehovig@radium.uio.no

Adjunct professor at the University of Oslo, Bioinformatics group within the Informatics Institute