Company Affiliations

Company affiliations

Hovig has company affiliations with:

PubGene Inc., a US registered company with a fully owned Norwegian subsidiary, that does all the development work. One main effort is text mining of the biomedical literature, and putting it to use in high-throughput molecular applications, like microarrays. He is a shareholder and in the board of directors. The US patent 7162465 has been obtained for the concepts within this company. The main current product offering is that of Coremine Medical.

GeneSeque AS is a startup company with headquarters in Trondheim, developing a very promising third generation sequencing apparatus. Hovig is a board member of this company. 

Biomolex AS, a company developing an instrument for simultaneous detection of multiple isotopes in microarray imaging. He is a co-patentholder for this concept. This ideas won a "Treodor" inventive prize in Norway in 2002. He serves on their scientific advisory board.

NorChip AS, is a company developing Lab-on-a-Chip technology. This is nanotechnology, and has promise for the near and more distant future. He has recently completed co-supervision of a doctoral student, Anja Gulliksen, who does very interesting work on some of their very interesting core technology. Two publications are so far available from this work. The first one here, and the second one is available here. Also, Irene Kraus has recently defended her PhD thesis, with some work in collaboration.

Hovig is also a coholder of some other patents, with topics such as antisense and ribozyme technology, glyconeoconjugates and others. He is very opposed to patents on naturally occuring substances, like DNA. Patents of this type are not based on inventions, but on discovery. In fact, in many senses he is opposed to patents, but these are a fact of life as we know it in the present day capitalism, and may provide sources of research funding that meager public funding makes very attractive.