Selected publications

Langberg MK Acta Oncol 2018: Imatinib may reduce cehmotherapy-induced pneumonitis. A report on four cases from the SWENOTECA.

Rajpert-De Meyts Eur Urol 2018: Complex Polygenic Nature of Testicular Germ Cell Cancer Suggests Multifactorial Aetiology.

Landfors M Cell Discov 2017: Genome-wide profiling of DNA 5-hydroxymethylcytosine during rat Sertolli cell maturation

Tandstad T Ann Oncol 2016: Treatment of stage I seminoma, with one course of adjuvant carboplatin or surveillance, risk-adapted recommendations implementing patient autonomy: a report from the Swedish and Norwegian Testicular Cancer group (SWENOTECA).

Landfors M Fertil Steril 2016: Sequencing of FTO and ALKBH5 in men undergoing infertility work-up identifies an infertility-associated variant and two missense mutations.

Tandstad T Scand J Urol 2016: The SWENOTECA group: A good example of continuous binational and multidisciplinary collaboration for patients with testicular cancer in Sweden and Norway.

Hoff AM Cancer Res 2016: Identification of Novel Fusion Genes in Testicular Germ Cell tumors.

Brabrand S Neoplasia 2015: Exome sequencing of bilateral testicular germ cell tumors suggests independent development lineages.

Rounge TB Mol Cancer 2015: Profiling of the small RNA populations in human testicular germ cell tumors shows global loss of piRNAs

Tandstad T Ann Oncol 2014: One course of adjuvant BEP in clinical stage I nonseminoma mature and expanded results from the SWENOTECA group.

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