Paper from the Stenmark group on the front page of "Journal of Cell Science"

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The Stenmark group has recently published an article about the protein "Alix", which is given the front page illustration in the June 15th issue of Journal of Cell Science. The article - entitled "Alix regulates cortical actin and the spatial distribution of endosomes" has also been given an editorial comment.

The first author on this work - Alicia Cabezas - was also co-author on the paper "Modulation of Receptor Recycling and Degradation by the Endosomal Kinesin KIF16B", which was published in the May 6th issue of Cell.

More information about the protein "Alix":
The Stenmark group tries to understand how cell signalling is modulated by internalization of growth factor receptors. Internalization of such receptors is followed by their transfer to specialized organelles called endosomes. Alicia Cabezas, a postdoc in Stenmark’s group has now identified a protein, called Alix, that controls the spatial distribution of endosomes. Normally, endosomes show a rather peripheral distibution within the cell, but when Alix is depleted, endosomes cluster close to the nucleus. This effect is correlated with a collapse of the “cortical” actin cytoskeleton that is found underneath the cell membrane. Alix is thus likely to control interactions between endosomes and the cortical actin cytoskeleton, which are required for the proper positioning of endosomes.
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