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Why use Drosophila?

See the awesome videos WHY USE THE FLY? and SMALL FLY BIG IMPACT or read more about the use of Drosophila in science here.

Some key points

  • Since all animals descend from a common ancestor the molecular machineries controlling cellular processes are similar. Findings in animal model organisms can therefore often be directly extrapolated to other animals, including humans.
  • The cellular processes that are miss-regulated in cancer, like cell signaling, -proliferation, -growth, -death, -polarity, -migration and more, can be studied in the fly. 
  • Drosophila is the most sophisticated animal genetic model system for in vivo analysis of gene function
  • Genes that occur in several duplicated copies in humans (paralogoues), more often than not, are represented by one copy in Drosophila making genetic analysis of gene function easier
  • Drosophila can be made genetically mosaic enabling studies of gene function in a subset of cells carrying a genetic defect emulating genetic changes occuring in cancer.



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