Aina Akerø

  • Consultant pulmonologist; MD, PhD
  • +47 23070676

Publications 2017

Edvardsen E, Akerø A, Skjønsberg OH, Skrede B (2017)
Pre-flight evaluation of adult patients with cystic fibrosis: a cross-sectional study
BMC Res Notes, 10 (1), 84
DOI 10.1186/s13104-017-2386-2, PubMed 28166839

Publications 2012

Edvardsen A, Akerø A, Christensen CC, Ryg M, Skjønsberg OH (2012)
Air travel and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a new algorithm for pre-flight evaluation
Thorax, 67 (11), 964-9
DOI 10.1136/thoraxjnl-2012-201855, PubMed 22767877

Edvardsen A, Ryg M, Akerø A, Christensen CC, Skjønsberg OH (2012)
COPD and air travel: does hypoxia-altitude simulation testing predict in-flight respiratory symptoms?
Eur Respir J, 42 (5), 1216-23
DOI 10.1183/09031936.00157112, PubMed 23258777

Publications 2011

Akerø A (2011)
Effects of air travel on patients with COPD
In Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Unipub, Oslo, no. 1194, 1 b. (flere pag.)
BIBSYS 114537887, ISBN 978-82-8264-133-3

Publications 2010

Akerø A, Edvardsen A, Christensen CC, Owe JO, Ryg M, Skjønsberg OH (2010)
COPD and air travel: oxygen equipment and preflight titration of supplemental oxygen
Chest, 140 (1), 84-90
DOI 10.1378/chest.10-0965, PubMed 21071527

Edvardsen A, Akerø A, Hardie JA, Ryg M, Eagan TM, Skjønsberg OH, Bakke PS (2010)
High prevalence of respiratory symptoms during air travel in patients with COPD
Respir Med, 105 (1), 50-6
DOI 10.1016/j.rmed.2010.10.006, PubMed 20974527

Publications 2008

Akerø A, Christensen CC, Edvardsen A, Ryg M, Skjønsberg OH (2008)
Pulse oximetry in the preflight evaluation of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Aviat Space Environ Med, 79 (5), 518-24
DOI 10.3357/asem.2120.2008, PubMed 18500050

Publications 2005

Akerø A, Christensen CC, Edvardsen A, Skjønsberg OH (2005)
Hypoxaemia in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients during a commercial flight
Eur Respir J, 25 (4), 725-30
DOI 10.1183/09031936.05.00093104, PubMed 15802350

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