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Mimi S. OpdalGroup leader
Mimi S. Opdal
Group leader

The aim of medical treatment is to achieve optimal drug response and avoid harmful side effects for the individual patient. Clinical Pharmacology is the study of pharmacokinetic processes including absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, and response of drugs in the human body. Individual variability in both the kinetics and effects of the drug is common. The effects/side effects of many drugs are concentration-dependent, hence it may be useful to measure the total drug concentration in serum/plasma, called therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Gene variants encoding proteins participating in metabolism, transport and drug actions may explain some of the concentration/response variability. Our research group is working on the optimization of drug therapy using TDM, pharmacogenetic analyses and other outcome measures. For drugs and toxic substances we investigate the relationships between serum concentrations and effects/side effects.

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