Research projects

At Ullevål led by Mimi Stokke Opdal, Ass. Professor, MD, PhD:

  • Use of antihypertensive drugs, measurements of serum concentrations, cytochrome genes, blood pressure and heart rate in patients treated for hypertension, in collaboration with the  IDA-study
  • Serum ethanol concentrations as indicator of impairment in patients admitted to a large Emergency Department 2015-2020 

PhD-candidate in the IDA-study: Stine Rognstad, MD (UiO)

At Ullevål associated to Ingebjørg G. Gustavsen, Head of Section, MD, PhD:

  • Tailored intervention for identification of harmful use of alcohol and psychoactive drugs among hospitalized patients, AlcoTail - Oslo universitetssykehus HF (oslo
  • A pharmacoepidemiological study on use of prescribed psychoactive drugs before and after severe traumatic injuries (Norwegian Prescription Database and Oslo University Hospital Trauma Registry).

PhD-candidate in the pharmacoepidemioloical study: Henrik A. Torp, MD (UiO)

At the National Centre for Epilepsy, SSE, led by Cecilie Johannessen Landmark, Professor, MSc. Pharm, PhD:

  • TDM of antiseizure medications in various patient groups (SSE)
  • Pharmacokinetic variability of new antiseizure medications (SSE)

PhD-candidate in the projects: Katrine Heger, MScPharm (OsloMet)

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