Completed PhD projects


PhD Project


Tiril Sandell MD

Kirurgisk behandling av nevrovaskulære kompresjonssyndromer 

Prof Eide, UiO
Prof Helseth, UiO
Prof Stubhaug, UiO

Terje Sæhle MD


Intracranial pressure dynamics in adult and pediatric hydrocephalus with particular focus on complications of treatment  

Prof Eide, UiO
Docent Tissell, Universitetet i Gøteborg
Prof Lundar, UiO

Geir Ringstad MD 

Imaging CSF dynamics in normalpressure hydrocephalus

Prof Eide, UiO
Prof Alperin, University of Miami
Dr Emblem, OUS-Rikshospitalet

Tanja Karic MD


Effect of early rehabilitation in patients with acute subarachnoid hemorrhage

Dr Angelika Sorteberg, OUS
Prof Cecilie Røe, UiO
Psychologist Tonje Haug
Docent Frank Becker, UiO
Vigdis Andersen Eidsvaag Brain Pressure Dynamics and structural changes/Aquaporin-4 expression in brain capillaries of adult hydrocephalus.

Prof Eide, UiO

Erlend Nagelhus,CMBN Dr Kjell Heuser, OUS

Prof Hans-Arne Hansson, Universitetet i Gøteborg 


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