Kreftlex is a digital encyclopedia on cancer and cancer treatment developed and maintained by the Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics at Oslo University Hospital.

Kreftlex provides information on which examinations and types of treatment one must undergo, the consequences of the treatment, time aspects for the examinations and treatment, pain, quality of life, survival etc.

Content in Kreftlex is produced and quality assured by the clinical environment at Oslo University Hospital, and the editorial work is supported by Radiumhospitalets legater.

A need for quality assured information

In Norway, 1 in 3 will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, and approximately 30,000 people are affected by cancer each year. The number of cancer cases is increasing, mainly due to an increased life expectancy and a larger population.

At the same time, more and more people are surviving cancer. Over 260,000 people are currently living with cancer or have previously had cancer. In other words, cancer is a disease that affects most of us in one way or another, either by getting the condition yourself or by someone in the family, a friend or a colleague being affected.

Kreftlex is a conglomerate of the words "kreft", the Norwegian word for cancer, and "lex", short for lexicon, referring to a list of terms used in the oncology profession. Cancer patients, family members, and others seeking knowledge about the disease are offered the opportunity to acquire relevant and quality-assured information and hopefully find answers to many of their questions.

Conversations with a doctor will answer many of these questions, but remembering and understanding everything can be challenging. Many people are often left with several unanswered questions and are often in need of further information about cancer. Kreftlex is available 24/7. Knowing one's health provides security, forming the basis for coping with illness. Regarding treatment options and follow-up, increased knowledge can enable more insight into one's condition and allow participation to a greater extent in essential decisions and assessments.

Explanatory videos and animations

Kreftlex contains custom videos, animations and illustrations. Many of the Kreftlex videos are also available on our YouTube channel,where our 3D animations are popular. For example, our video on prostate cancer has more than 26 million views!

Editorial staff

The Department of Cancer Genetics and Informatics, located under the Cancer Clinic at Oslo University Hospital is responsible for editing Kreftlex. In 2006, the institute launched the website, providing health professionals with the opportunity to learn about the latest cancer treatment options sourced from one of the foremost oncology hospitals in Norway: The Norwegian Radium Hospital. After realizing many of the visitors to Oncolex were patients, we decided to make Kreftlex in 2013-14, focusing on the information needs of patients and loved ones. 


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