Our partners

The Institute’s close collaboration with the clinic, its interdisciplinary approach in the intersection of computer science, biology and medicine, and innovative development of new research tools created in cooperation with the industry, all come together to form a unique set of strengths.

Nastional and international

ICGI has a broad network of academic partners and collaborators, both nationally and internationally. In addition to our collaborations with numerous clinicians and scientists at the different clinics and institutes at Oslo University Hospital, ICGI benefits greatly from a long-lasting collaboration with The Department of Informatics at The University of Oslo and Vestfold Hospital Trust. We also have the privilege to work on patient cohorts from the hospitals in Tromsø and Drammen.

Some of our closest partners and many of our clinical patient cohorts come from institutions in the UK such as Oxford University, University College London, The University of Edinburgh, Gloucestershire Hospitals, and the University of Liverpool.

We are also trusted with clinical cohorts from Innsbruck Medical University, University of Amsterdam, UMC Utrecht, Erasmus MC, and Karolinska Institute, among others.

Over the years, we have also partnered with a range of different companies, and our current partnership with DIPS, NVIDIA, Unilabs, DoMore Diagnostics, Room4 group and My-BioMed Biotechnology are highly valued.