Oncolex: a web-based Cancer Encyclopedia

Oncolex is a web based cancer encyclopedia for health care providers worldwide, published by the Institut for Cancer genetics and Informatics (former Institute for Medical Informatics (IMI)) at Oslo University Hospital. IMI is part of the Center for Cancer Biomedicine.

Oncolex is a free, comprehensive online resource for cancer diagnostics, treatment and supportive care. The encyclopedia contains extensive material for 44 cancer types including explanatory texts, illustrations, animations, photos and video footage. As a resource in continual progress, it keeps track of novel procedures and technology transforming the field of cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Oncolex was initially released to the Norwegian-speaking public in 2006, featuring articles and procedures related to gynecological cancers. By the end of 2009, it contained thorough explanations and procedures for 44 cancer types, supplying health care providers in Norway with updated and detailed information on cancer care, sourced directly from acclaimed medical specialists at the Norwegian Radium Hospital and Rikshospitalet.

As the use of the encyclopedia augmented, the possibility of making an English version was explored and defined as relevant development of the site. The project team had chosen Sitecore as the technical platform, and it proved a wise choice as adding a second language based on the Norwegian structure was feasible. Translation to English was performed by a native speaker in the editorial staff. In 2011 another significant step in the development of oncolex.org took place when Håvard E. Danielsen made an agreement with experts at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas – one of the most renowned cancer centres in the world - about co-signing and reviewing the English language texts. Oncolex.org was presented at MD Anderson’s 2012 GAP conference in Oslo from 14th-16th of May. This was the first time the annual conference for the MD Anderson “Global Academic Programme” (GAP) was held outside Texas.

Oncolex enabled Kreftlex.no, an online cancer encyclopedia for patients and loved ones. Oncolex was removed as a web resource in 2019.

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