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Public Defence: Elin Aamdal

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will be defending the thesis: Click here
“Treating metastatic melanoma with ipilimumab – Clinical activity, health-related quality of life and combination with a telomerase peptide vaccine

Trial Lecture
Prevention and early detection strategies for melanoma

Time and place: June 22, 2022 10:15 AM, Auditorium, Research building (K-building), The Norwegian Radium Hospital

Adjudication Committee
First opponent: Lecturer Lars Ny, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Second opponent: Professor Ingvild Vistad, University of Bergen
Third member and chair of the evaluation committee: Adjunct Professor Knut Jørgen Labori, University of Oslo

Chair of defence
Professor Ludvig A. Munthe, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo

Principal supervisor
Jon Amund Kyte, overlege, Seksjonsleder, Seksjon for utprøvende kreftbehandling, Forskningsgruppeleder, Seksjon for kreftimmunologi



Interviews with Pharma Boardroom

Oncologist Jon Amund Kyte shares some of the groundbreaking immunotherapy research that he and his team are conducting at Oslo University Hospital.

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Webinar: Want to know more about breast cancer research?

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